The Lady of the Well

Daniel Sánchez Pardos’s most recent novel is a gothic crime novel set in Barcelona in 1854.

In a city choked by its old medieval walls, infested with epidemics and superstitions, where death and miracles seem to lurk at every arch and street corner, the uncorrupted body of a Roman maiden is found at the foot of a legendary well and fear grips the populace. Octavio Reigosa, a cynical police inspector, will be charged with investigating a series of bloody crimes and impossible miracles that occur after the appearance of the Lady of the Well. And to do so he will need the help of Andreu Palafox, a young maker of automatons who has his own impossible secret: an involuntary gift (or perhaps a curse) for seeing into the past.

The perfect mixture of a classic Victorian crime novel and the supernatural, The Lady of the Well is a novel that will please both historical fantasy fans and crime fiction readers. A gripping tale that uncovers a fascinating dark side of Barcelona.

Translation rights sold to Italy (Corbaccio)